Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE)

Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE)

The most challenging penetration testing certification in the industry. An Offensive Security Certified
Expert (OSCE) is able to identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities and mis-configurations in various operating
systems and attack them.

OSCE earned after passing the 48-hour online exam. It is a Pre-Requisite Course for Cracking the
Perimeter (CTP).

OSCE holders can..

  1. Identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities.
  2. Conduct intelligent fuzz-testing.
  3. Analyze, correct, modify, and port exploit code.
  4. Hand-craft binaries to evade anti-virus software.
  5. Demonstrate creative problem solving and lateral thinking.If you are interested in OSCP, Packetlove Team is very appreciated in providing the advice and additional information regarding to the initial registration until receive the certification from OSCP.Please do not to hesitate and please contact us as per following detail:

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