Deep Instinct (AEP)– Advanced Endpoint Protection

Deep Instinct (AEP)–Advanced Endpoint Protection

Malware has proven increasingly difficult to detect via signature or heuristic-based
methods, which means most Antivirus (AV) programs are woefully ineffective against
mutating malware, and especially ineffective against APT attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats).

The more the serious of malware, the more intelligence of human development. This bring
the science fiction becomes reality. Deep learning is the area of artificial intelligence where
the real magic is happening right now. Deep Learning is the biggest improvement in artificial
intelligence and it has accomplished groundbreaking success especially in technology of
face recognition, voice recognition and text analysis and now Deep Learning also transforms
Cyber Security under the concept of Prevent, Detect and Respond. By preventing all files;
ero-days, APTs, File based: any file type and Fileless types: Scripts (PowerShell,JavaScript, etc.),
Office Macros, dual-use, code injections and fully detect On-Device pre-execution protection,
Endpoints, Mobile and Servers with effective respond in all operating system; Windows, MacOS,
Android and iOS.

If you are interested in Deep Instinct (AEP)– Advanced Endpoint Protection, Packetlove Team is
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system and installation of the system. Also, we are the authorize dealer in this service if needed by
your organization.

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